Texas leads the U.S. in number of uninsured residents, doubling the national average. TOMAGWA is here to help.

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What We Do

TOMAGWA provides compassionate Christian healthcare to community members with limited resources by offering medical, dental, vision, lab, pharmacy, and case management services. With our partners, we are able to treat many levels of care from preventive to chronic and complex medical needs. 

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Your Donations at Work

Annual Patient Visits Across Service Area 
Families Served Across Service Area
Low Cost and Free Prescriptions Filled
Education, Prevention and Advocacy

Sponsor a Patient. Join the TOMAGWA TOMORROW Campaign!

Your financial support will ensure that families left without health insurance during the COVID-19 Pandemic will maintain access to quality healthcare and critical medications no matter the circumstance. 

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TOMAGWA Healthcare Ministries would like to thank all private sector and not-for-profit sector bodies who partner with us to continue to provide quality healthcare to those most in need in our area. Our staff and patients appreciate you for continuing to commit time and resources to our mission.