TOMAGWA Tomorrow Campaign

Since 1989, TOMAGWA has established itself as a Christian ministry that, by the Grace of God and in response to the Love of Jesus, provides quality healthcare, offers hope, and restores dignity to uninsured, low-income families and individuals in Northwest Harris, Montgomery and Waller counties regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion or ability to pay. TOMAGWA provides more than 33,400 visits annually to our 3,200 patients with needs ranging from primary care to some of the most complex health diagnoses requiring an integrated medical home. Our current facilities offer primary care, dental, vision, lab, pharmacy, diagnostics, and case management services while also extending outreach services to our entire community via immunization and dental clinics.

Though TOMAGWA is blessed to serve in its current capacity, we can no longer ignore our community's increasing hardships. The current climate reminds us of James 1:2-4 "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." It is this steadfastness that compels TOMAGWA to lift up our mission that has been the foundation for the care that we currently provide, while calling us to address the needs of our neighbors to become the clinic of Tomorrow.

TOMAGWA's Current Challenges

Lack of stable funding

TOMAGWA is funded by individuals, organizations, and foundations. Support fluctuates with economic and social trends. Unpredictable changes make budgeting a challenge.

Cost of health care rises every year but giving capacity doesn't always match the need. This is unique for health care nonprofits versus traditional nonprofits with limited operating costs. Further restrictions like the Stark Law limit support from local hospitals.

Challenges exasperated by a pandemic

Clinics like TOMAGWA were originally left out of the CARES Act providing emergency funding.

Only Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) were given resources to battle COVID-19, such as testing and additional infrastructure funding to maintain operations.

Hear from our patients - Rose B.

Ms. Rose has been a patient of TOMAGWA for 25 years. She originally became a patient after her husband suffered a severe brain injury causing him to lose his job and leaving himself, Ms. Rose, and their three children without health insurance. Unsure how to ensure their health was taken care of, Ms. Rose was referred to TOMAGWA.

Ms. Rose said, "Having TOMAGWA here to receive medical care, and not just medical care. It is everything here. It is medical care, it is emotional care, and I always had and have support for whatever it is that I need no matter what. Whether it is guiding me off for home repair, yard work, groceries. I have had several surgeries and TOMAGWA always found a way to guide me off to have those done. I strive to stay involved in my community to show my children that just because we don't have money, we have God in our lives and the love and support of our community here in TOMAGWA. No matter what it is that I need, I have been able to reach out here. They are my lifeline and it always results in me receiving whatever I need. Whether it was Christmas for my children or groceries for my family. That’s where they’ve come in for me, not just that medical but it’s the family, it’s the love. If there’s a need, and they see it, and they can achieve it, they’ve always provided a road map for me. Always. No matter what."

How does becoming an FQHC address TOMAGWA'S challenges?

  • Sustain current services and expand services
  • Financial stability
  • Ability to maintain core mission
  • Better prepared for changes in financing (ex: Medicaid expansion)
  • Big funders want you to
  • Push organization to operational improvement
  • Part of a larger network of FQHCs to learn from

Join the campaign today and make a difference for tomorrow!

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