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114,000 residents are uninsured in TOMAGWA’s 600 sq. mile radius

Thank you for all your support, volunteer hours, and prayers.  Your generosity, provided patients a reprieve from balancing the financial struggles of managing chronic medical conditions.  In the midst of a pandemic in 2020, you supported 2,742 pharmacy encounters, 3,016 lab and diagnostic visits, and the addition of 142 new patients!

Contributions in 2021

  • Provided 523 nutritious food pharmacy deliveries, to manage hypertension and diabetes
  • Expanded dental services to our Magnolia & Waller clinics
    Implemented new patient transportation service
  • Supported 611 mammograms,  women's wellness exams, & cervical cancer screenings
  • Equated to 5,330 volunteer hours valued at $104,372

While we reflect on the wonderful year that is coming to a close, we are focused on the great work ahead of us.  There are still over 111,000 neighbors in need of a medical home.  Our goal is to provide care to those individuals and families by raising $30,000 by December 31st.  We are asking for your help by making a financial contribution to TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries, because you have already demonstrated your compassion for many patients .

$50 will provide telehealth medical visits for 1 patient who is most at risk

40% of our patients live with 1 or more chronic diseases

$200 will provide medical visits for 5 NEW patients

TOMAGWA receives 5 new applications a week

$500 will provide 16 children with annual wellness exams

With expansion of pediatrics and acceptance of Medicare, we will care for the whole family

$1000 provides a month’s worth of medications for 250 chronically ill patients

Our average patient is on 6 medications

With your support, we can continue providing care, offering hope, and restoring dignity to those most in need

Group Photo In Front Of Tomagwa