Meet Our Patients

Dental Photo
When Manuela arrived at the Tomball Regional Health Foundation Dental Clinic at TOMAGWA, in October 2019, she had only 6 teeth on top, and they all had large cavities. Manuela was 58 years old, had only been to the dentist to remove teeth, and never had a dental cleaning. In January 2020 the dental team started Manuela’s transformation, as the pandemic began to emerge in the United States. Manuela’s remaining top teeth had to be pulled, due to the large cavities. Then, as her upper denture was being made, the Dental Clinic had to temporarily pull back, only focusing on emergencies, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
It seemed that once again, Manuela’s dream may have been put on an indefinite hold. However, once the Dental Clinic received clearance from the state Governor’s office to treat patients, refitted its internal systems for safety, and returned to its normal patient volumes, completing Manuela’s case was a priority.
Prior to the care she received from TOMAGWA, Manuela hated to smile, and had a hard time finding a job. Since receiving her upper denture, Manuela has a new job and brightens the world with a smile that she loves!
Thanks to supporters like you, patients like Manuela can smile with confidence!