Become A volunteer for Tomagwa today!

Join our team, and make a difference in the community! Becoming a volunteer at TOMAGWA is simple!

Follow these steps to apply today:

  1. Attend a tour (register here)
  2. Create a profile at
  3. Email volunteer coordinator, Benjamina Covarrubias, for background check information
  4. Once background check is cleared, sign up for desired volunteer opportunity based on your availability
  5. Don't forget to check in and out at volunteer kiosks while on-site!
  6. If you need to meet with the volunteer coordinator, email to schedule an appointment

We are always excited to have new volunteers and appreciate your interest in wanting to work with TOMAGWA! 

If you have any questions contact:

Benjamina Covarrubias


Office: (832) 559-5221